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Cross Connections Control (REGINA)
From Tuesday 22 October 2024 -  08:00am
To Friday 25 October 2024 - 05:00pm
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Instructor: Gerald Murray

Location: Gateway Mechanical Services
                  649 Solomon Cres., Regina

Class maximum: 10 people

Course Overview

Learn to effectively combat the hazards of contaminated or polluted fluids impacting the quality of potable water. The course is designed for those already involved with the planning, design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of plumbing and piping systems or water-supplied equipment that connects to potable water systems, either inside or outside of buildings. It is 32 hours over four days of theory and practical instruction and qualifies for the Canada Saskatchewan Job Grant. Recertification students only attend the first two days. 

Successful completion of both the written and practical exam (minimum of 75%) is required to receive your AWWA Cross Connection Control Specialist Tester Certificate. AWWA will send the certificate directly to the attendee.

Course Objective
  • Define cross connections
  • Terminology
Objective 1
  • Legal and health
  • Relation to National Plumbing Code
Objective 2
  • Non-testable backflow prevention devices
  • Non-testable device installation and maintenance
Objective 3
  • Sight tube
  • 5-valve PSID gauge
  • Test sheets
Objective 4
  • PVB and SRVP operation
  • PVB testing
  • PVB installation and maintenance
Objective 5
  • DCVA and DCAF operation
  • DCVA testing
  • DCVA installation and maintenance
Objective 6
  • RP operation
  • RP testing
  • RP installation and maintenance
Objective 7
  • Zone, area, and premise protection

MCAS/Merit Member: $1800 plus GST
Non-Member: $2000 plus GST
Recertification: $800 plus GST


Registration deadline: October 4, 2024