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The Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan offers a varied range of training courses for its members. Our goal is to offer members a selection of courses that will meet a variety of training needs throughout the year.





WCSAWWA Specialist Cross Connection Control Course


SaskEnergy Training Centre, Saskatoon


The program's emphasis is on hazards, devices,  and testing. It is designed for those already involved with the planning, design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of plumbing, piping systems, or water-supplied equipment that connects to the potable water system, either inside or outside of buildings. The pressure differential between the two systems may cause contaminated or polluted fluids to flow through connections with no control, ultimately changing the quality of the potable water. Reversal of flow in the water may be unpredictable. Backflow education and training will help you to effectively combat all actual and potential types of cross-connections.

Course length:30 hours (4 days) of theory & practical instruction.  Successful completion of both written & practical exams is required to receive your AWWA Cross Connection Control Specialist  Tester Certificate. Qualifies for the Sask Job Grant*


Member Price: $1,800 + GST

Non-Member Price: $2,000 + GST

Recertification: $750 + GST

Registration Due By: March 16, 2020

Early Birds save 10% - Register by March 2, 2020


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Hydronics Course


SaskEnergy Training Centre, Saskatoon


DAY 1—Advantages of hydronic systems, Boilers, venting and combustion air, Pumps, Air control, Expansion tanks, Valves,  Emitters (terminal units), Controls, Balancing, Primary-secondary piping connections, and Heat loss calculations. A working hydronics board and computer software will be used to visually demonstrate many of the principles presented.

Attendees will leave with a good understanding of how all the pieces in hydronics systems function and interact, be able to lay out these components in the correct order for proper operation, and be able to look at existing systems that have issues and correctly diagnose problems.

Day 2—(must have attended Day 1 first) Hydronic System Design – defining requirements, piping layout, selecting equipment, pipe/pump sizing, operating temperatures, control strategies.  The group will design a system from scratch and receive Excel spreadsheet programs to do routine calculations for hydronic system design/analysis. 

Primary-secondary piping, pumping and control – including how to analyze temperature relationships. 

Boiler controls – including code requirements for safety devices.  Variable-speed pumping –  how it works and how to control it. 

Hydronic troubleshooting techniques – analyze operational problems in hydronic systems and the tools required to do it well.

Basic electrical troubleshooting – using a multimeter and/or test light to troubleshoot low voltage control circuits.



Jerry Boulanger graduated from Mechanical Engineering Technology at Kelsey Institute in 1975 and was in the mechanical construction industry as an equipment supplier and manufacturer until 2013.  As part of his work he developed an interest in training and has done many sessions across Canada and in the U.S. on a broad range of hydronic and HVAC topics for contractors, institutions, ASHRAE, CIPH and mechanical contractor’s associations.  He is now retired from business but still does training, system analysis and troubleshooting.  Jerry lives in Regina and is an Honorary Life Member of MCAS.



Both Days Member Fee $1,000

One Day Member Fee $650

Both Days Non-Member Fee $1,200

One Day Non-Member Fee $825

Registration Due By: March 30, 2020


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Theory: May 26th & 27th, 2020

Lab: May 28th OR 29th


This 2 day course will cover the following:

· Refrigerants

· Basic refrigeration cycle

· Air movement and fans

· Duct sizing and installation

· Psychrometrics

· Economizers and mixing air

· Installations

Please Note:  1 Day Practical Lab to follow

Member Price: $1,500 + GST
Non-Member Price: $1,800 + GST

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Registration Due By: May 12th, 2020




September 22nd - 24th, 2020

COURSE DESCRIPTION SaskEnergy Training Center


This 3 day course will cover the following:

· Understanding electricity

· Series and parallel circuits

· Wiring diagrams, ladder diagrams

· Measuring voltage, current and  resistance

· Transformers

· Fuses

· Relays

· Temperature Controls

· Safety Controls


Member Price: $1,200+ GST

Non-Member Price: $1,500 + GST

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Registration Due By: September 8, 2020

Early Birds save 10% - Register by August 21, 2020



Please note that all training is held at the SaskEnergy/MCAS Joint Training Centre in Saskatoon unless otherwise stated.

If there is something specific that you are looking for please feel free to contact the office and we would be happy to help you.

Past Courses

  • Growing and Developing Service Supervisors
  • Small Projects Management
  • Making the Numbers Work
  • Managing Your Cash Flow
  • Financial Statement: What You Always Wanted to Know
  • HVAC Level 1 and 2 technical courses
  • AC Theory and Practical Labs

Training Testimonials:

"We always believed in ongoing training, and prior to my involvement with the MCAS, was never able to find affordable, quality and trade specific training for my employees.Through the availability of MCAS training programs, we have been able to offer our employees the training required to keep us up to date and become industry leaders in our community. Thank you MCAS."

Luc Kadziolka Owner/President
Mr. Plumber
Prince Albert, SK

The Technical Training Center
The Technical Training Center was developed in partnership with SaskEnergy and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan. This provincial natural gas trades training centre was designed to provide a facility for technical training to both SaskEnergy and the Mechanical Contractors Industry.

This facility is available for rent to our members interested in hosting their own training.
Give the office a call at (306) 664-2154 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details!

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