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From Tuesday 21 September 2021 -  08:00am
To Wednesday 22 September 2021 - 05:00pm
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September 21-22, 2021  SOLD OUT!

SaskEnergy Training Centre, Saskatoon

Day 1—Students learn advantages of hydronic systems, boilers, venting and combustion, air pumps, air control, expansion tanks, valves, emitters, controls, and balancing. A working hydronics board and computer software will be used to visually demonstrate many of the principles presented.  Attendees will leave with a good understanding of how all the pieces in hydronics systems function and interact. They will be able to lay out the components in the correct order for proper operation and diagnose problems in existing systems.

Day 2—Students focus on Hydronic System Design – defining requirements, piping layout, selecting equipment, pipe/pump sizing, operating temperatures, control strategies.  The group will design a system from scratch and receive Excel spreadsheet programs to do routine calculations for hydronic system design/analysis.  The instruction also covers: 

·         Primary-secondary piping, pumping and control – including how to analyze temperature relationships. 

·         Boiler controls – including code requirements for safety.

·         Variable-speed pumping – how it works and how to control.

·         Hydronic troubleshooting techniques – analyze operational problems in hydronic systems and the tools required.

Basic electrical troubleshooting – using a multimeter and/or test light to troubleshoot low voltage control circuits.


Member Fee               $1,000 + gst

Non-Member Fee       $1,200 + gst